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We are your one stop shop to get your company set up the right way, the first time.  Our team has over 18 years experience working with new companies, getting them structured, set up and registered. We have incorporated well over 10,000 Florida companies and are ready to get your company started.  We are fast, affordable and friendly.  We are here to help you through the process of getting your company incorporated in the State of Florida today.  Our Florida online incorporation service began in 2000 and has been gradually redesigned, adding more features and getting better with time. Our philosophy has always been to provide fast, efficient service for the lowest price to small and home businesses in Florida wanting to incorporate online.


Florida Incorporation Process:

1. Choose a corporation type: LLC – Profit – Non Profit – Subchapter S (S-Corp).

2. Fill in Florida Incorporation Articles Online Form. Or, print the Florida Incorporation PDF Fax Form, complete it, and fax to us: (603) 994-3836.

3. We file your Incorporation application with our State of Florida account same business day.

4. The State of Florida processes your Florida Incorporation articles and emails your “Articles” and “Certificate of Incorporation” after it receives an Active status which normally takes the State of Florida just 1 business day.

5. We then email you the necessary forms for the Employee Identification Number (referred to as EIN or Tax-ID) and the Sub-Chapter “S” (S-Corp) (if required). These forms are included with simple, detailed instructions FREE of charge for you to complete. We don’t provide processing for these forms.

* An “S-Corporation, S-Corp” or “Sub-Chapter S” is a designation granted by the Internal Revenue Service after you have filed your Florida corporation. Once your Florida corporation is filed, we will email you the necessary Federal forms with detailed instructions for obtaining the S corporation designation from the IRS.


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