Having a business plan and getting something out of it may be two different situations entirely. This podcast will show you how to use your business plan to help you manage your new Florida business and ensure it’s success.

Here are some highlights from the “Making Your Business Plan Work for You” podcast by the SBA:

Ron Johnson: Tell me, Ernie, how does a business plan help an entrepreneur effectively manage the day-to-day operations of their business?

Ernie Post: Ron, the business plan is going to outline three key segments.  It is going to outline the financial goals of the business, it is going to outline the marketing goals of the business, and the operational goals.  Consequently, once those goals and benchmarks are defined for each of those three critical areas of the business, it is going to allow the entrepreneur to go back at the end of each quarter and assess how they are doing against their planned projections for each of those critical areas.


Making Your Business Plan Work for You

This podcast is an interview by Ron Johnson with Ernie Post, Director
Pennsylvania Small Business Development Center at Kutztown University in