6 Competitors Price Comparison

Comparison of prices between Florida Incorporation service companies.

Here we show you a comparison between our service and the services of our top 7 competitors including the absurd “Legalzoom.com” pricing.

We show you the Subchapter S incorporation fees as an example, however we are lower on all the types of corporation filings.

Where you might get confused:

We tell you the bottom line. It costs $195 to file your Profit, Non-Profit, or Subchapter S Profit corporation with us. That’s it. Total. No more fees. Everything included.

File your LLC with us and the bottom line is $265. That’s it. Nothing more. All included.

Our competitors start their pricing with absurd amounts like $59. $89. $99. They then proceed to tack on all the standard services that you really need anyway and can’t do without. When it’s all added up your total is much more than initially stated.

We don’t like that idea, so we give it to you all upfront. If you don’t believe we’re lower then go ahead and go through any of our competitor’s web sites as if you were going to register your corporation with them. When you get to the payment page you’ll understand why we’re the better choice. The obvious better choice.

We’ve put together a more focused comparison of Florida-Incorporation.com versus Legalzoom.com where we show you a little more clearly how our pricing structure is not only more reasonable, but makes a lot more common sense.

Understand that Legalzoom has put millions of dollars into advertising and have to recoup that investment. They do this through an ingenious advertising campaign incorporating 3-tier pricing that doesn’t give you what you really need for a basic incorporation unless you’re paying at the TOP TIER (over $450) for basic, needed services like:

  • Same day filing.
  • Help getting your Tax ID (EIN) number.
  • Help filing your Subchapter S application.

We’ve helped over 5,000 companies incorporate in Florida over the last decade. We know what we’re doing. File with us – you’ll be happy you did. We’ll be happy you did.

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