Corporate Kit

We sell two different corporate kits. The Corporate Kit below is for most corporations, and the LLC specific corporate kit is at the bottom of this page.

This Corporate Kit Contains:

  • Every Standard Corporate or LLC Kit Includes:
  • Personalized Binder: Corporate name foil stamped on the binder spine with a Matching Slipcase
  • Personalized Corporate Seal: This seal is custom finished to include your company name, state and year of incorporation, and can be stored inside the binder in its carry pouch.
  • Index Tabs:Mylar-coated, easy-to-use tabs for your Corp or LLC Kit
  • Transfer Ledger: 8-page alphabetized transfer ledger
  • 20 Personalized Certificates: These elegantly designed numbered security certificates contain your company name and state of incorporation and are printed on the finest security paper available.
  • Minutes and Bylaws: At no extra charge, your personalized binder will include 50 blank pages, or printed minutes and bylaws or an operating agreement.

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The LLC Corporate Kit contains these Items:

  • Checklist
  • Instructions
  • Work Sheets
  • 7 Tab Dividers
  • Membership Roll
  • Minutes & Regulations
  • 21 Certificates
  • Corporate Seal
  • Padded Binder
  • Slip Box
  • Written Statement Organizing Limited Liability Company in Lieu of Minutes
  • Waiver of Notice and Minutes of Annual Meeting of Members
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Employment Agreement
  • Minutes of Special Members’ Meeting
  • Member’s Promise to Contribute Capital
  • Resolution Granting Power of Attorney
  • Notice of Annual Meeting of Members
  • Proxy
  • Notice of Organizational Meeting of Members
  • Consent of Member(s) to Election of Initial Manager(s)
  • Consent of Member(s) to Election of Managing Member(s)
  • Manager(s) Resignation; Election of Manger(s)
  • Election of Managing Member(s)

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(If you order the LLC corporation we will send you the appropriate LLC Corporate Kit)

NOTE – Our corporate kits are also available as you complete our online Florida incorporation form – there is a place to choose “YES” to add the corporate kit to your order. These kits are well-priced and we’ve had very good feedback regarding them compared to other corporate kits.