Incorporation FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take for the Florida Incorporation Process? 

Normally one business day after we receive your online application. Once we receive your application, we submit it to the State of Florida Department of Corporations the same business day. They will normally process your application the next business day and then your official documents will be emailed to you. We provide this same day filing service for you for no extra charge ($75 savings from most of our competitors). We welcome you to compare our prices and service to any other company and we are confident you will choose us.

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What Is Electronic Filing?

  • Just fill out the Florida Articles of Incorporation Online Form or Print the PDF form and Fax it to us at (603) 994-3836. We can process your credit card over the phone, or direct you how to pay through our preferred payment processor, “Paypal“.
  • We file your application with the State of Florida the same business day through a special business account.
  • The State of Florida will then email your “Articles” and “Certificate of Incorporation” to you the next business day.

What Are The Costs To Incorporate My Business In Florida?
For Florida Profit and Non-Profit Corporations, the cost is $195.00. Limited Liability Companies (LLC) are $265. These prices include all state fees and our same-day filing rush service. We welcome you to compare our prices and services with any other company. 

Do I Need an Employer Identification Number?
All banks require that you have an Employer Identification Number (referred to as EIN or Tax-ID) to create a bank account under your corporate name. You will almost definitely want to have a corporate checking account. We can provide the necessary form SS-4 for you with detailed instructions but we do not provide processing services for this form.

How Do I Get an Employer Identification Number (EIN)?
We will email you the necessary IRS link to get your Employer Identification Number (referred to as EIN or Tax-ID) after we file your Florida corporation. This link will take you to the IRS online form to get your EIN. It is a simple 10-minute online form and will walk you through the process to get your Tax-ID for FREE. Some companies actually charge you money for this information!

What Is A Registered Agent?
A Registered Agent for the Corporation is someone with a physical address in Florida who will be responsible for receiving documentation or notices for the corporation. If you do not live in Florida, you must use someone located in Florida to act in the Registered Agent capacity for you. We can provide Registered Agent services for you for a fee. Note: Having a P.O. box in Florida is insufficient. The address of the Registered Agent must be a physical address.

Which Do I Use? Corporation. Corp., Incorporated, Inc., Company, or Co.?
It’s as easy as choosing one! You must use one of these suffixes when you incorporate. This requirement serves notice to customers that they are dealing with a corporation. (note: LLC’s have different requirement)

Can I Use My Home Address For My Corporate Address?
Yes. Many corporations use a home address and then later file an “amendment” to change the address to their new physical location. The cost for filing an amendment varies.

How do you file an S Corporation?
An S Corporation or Sub-Chapter “S” is a designation granted by the Internal Revenue Service after you have filed your Florida Profit Corporation. Once your Florida corporation is filed, we will email you (Free of charge) the necessary Federal form and simple, detailed instructions for the S corporation designation from the IRS. The IRS does not charge you to file this form.

Do I have to have an EIN to file the S Corporation paperwork with the IRS?
You must have or already applied for an Employer Identification Number (referred to as EIN or Tax-ID) to file the S Corporation paperwork with the IRS.

What Is The Incorporation Process In Florida?

  1. Complete our Florida Incorporation On-Line Form and either hit the “Send Now” form button, or print out and fax the form to us – calling us shortly after so we can review the form with you and arrange payment either with a credit card over the phone or online at PayPal’s secure site..
  2. We will contact you by phone or email if necessary to clarify any information. We will file your Articles of Incorporation online through our account with the State Of Florida Division of Corporations.
  3. We will then file your application the same business day (normally within 4 hours) and send you a confirmation email with links to get your Tax-ID, Sub Chapter S, and Workers Comp for Free if needed.
  4. Florida State Department of Corporations will email you a copy of your Articles and Certificate of Incorporation normally the next business day.

Can’t I just use the Sunbiz.org website to incorporate my Florida business?

Sure you can. In fact, that was the impetus behind building this site to help you. The Sunbiz site, like most government managed sites that are designed to help – aren’t very good at helping. A lawyer could stumble through the site and probably incorporate successfully, but the general business community usually chooses not to. The Sunbiz site just isn’t easy or intuitive to use, and as a result, you can make mistakes in your application that are costly to fix. An entire industry sprang up because of these problems – and you can now find incorporation services for every state in the nation, besides the official state sites. If you’re smart and lucky you’ll be able to get through their site and incorporate without any problems. If not, you’ll wish you had gone with us. This entire site is dedicated to answering any questions you have. If you can’t find the answers please contact us.


We’ve helped over 10,000 companies register their business in Florida. We can help you too. We’re responsive to email and we have a toll free phone number you can call for any issues.

What if I live in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville or some other Florida town – can I still incorporate with your service?

Incorporation happens at a state level. As such, you can incorporate from any city in Florida as well as any state outside of Florida when you have a registered agent that can receive official notices from FL. State. You can even register your corporation from outside the country! If you have questions – please write email or call.


How can I register to win the FREE Incorporation?
We automatically register every company that completes their incorporation with us.

Where is your Sitemap?

What is your policy on returns once I incorporate with you?
Please see our “Return Policy” here.

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