Perfect idea... Free Incorporation in Florida!

Perfect idea… Free Incorporation in Florida!

Can it be true that there is now free incorporation processing in Florida State?

Yes, it’s true! Well, sort of. Let me explain…

We’ve come up with a promotion recently whereby we decided to have a drawing once per month for a FREE INCORPORATION here on the site. We will reimburse one lucky company for the full price of their incorporation filing – regardless whether it was a Florida Profit, Non-Profit, or LLC. The prices for Florida incorporation on our site is as low as you can find it anywhere online – but, now you have a chance – a good chance (1/30) right now to be reimbursed from $195 up to $265 for an LLC filing.

Winners of the free incorporation filing will be notified by phone or email. Winners must let us use their name and business name for our Free Incorporation Filing Promotion page on our site.

If you’re going to incorporate in Florida in the near future anyway, you might as well do it with us and have a chance to win!

Use this form to file your incorporation, or, print it out and fax to us (instructions on fax forms you can download in PDF, DOC, TXT, or Google Doc format).