Choosing a Board of Directors

Choosing a board of directors before you start your online incorporation is an important step that you should complete before you sit down at the computer to complete our online incorporation form. Follow the link to see more information.

Q: I’m incorporating a business for a new kind of Internet company and need to set up a board of directors as part of the incorporation documents. I know investors usually ask for board seats. What do you recommend? I don’t want to make any mistakes on the board that will hurt my chances for funding. – P.D., Vancouver, Wash.

A: Given the high level of online chatter and business press attention to the battle for Yahoo, it’s quite understandable for prospective tech-oriented entrepreneurs to ask more questions about the organization and role of a company’s board of directors.

It’s true some entrepreneurs look at the idea of fiduciary oversight as something that will rein in their imaginations and operating flexibility. They reason that they sought a more entrepreneurial workday to be their own boss. Yet, reporting to a board of directors on issues such as executive compensation, budgeting, stock issuance and where to invest money somehow lessens their authority.

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