Super-Simple 5-Step Incorporation Process

The incorporation process is not that difficult here in Florida State and through this web site we’ll make it easier for you to accomplish it with a minimum of effort and fear.

Naturally it’s intimidating to think about starting your own Florida business. I remember when I first incorporated online back in 2000. I was using Florida State’s online incorporation process from my home computer. I remember thinking – “If I input the wrong word, will I be penalized somehow?”

Unfortunately that’s the American mentality regarding anything that has legal consequences – fear.

I found the incorporation process online in Florida to be intimidating, not well thought out, and not at all user-friendly. I wasn’t sure I was filling in the right information and the right information couldn’t be found on Florida State’s web site, nor did they have a telephone number to call for help during the incorporation process.

I winged it – and I did make mistakes which had to be corrected with more forms – paper forms I had to find and then mail in to rectify the first incorporation process gone wrong.

Sometime during incorporation process I decided I was going to come up with a better process to incorporate and build a site that helps people do it correctly the first time and takes away the fear of incorporation because really there is nothing else that can help your business as much as incorporation. The protection incorporation offers – using the corporate veil as a shield is a brilliant strategy to protect your personal assets, cash, and sanity.

We are going through another revision of this site to make the incorporation process in Florida even easier and more apparent than we have. Each time we update we notice things that can be changed to make your Florida incorporation process go much more smoothly by answering questions you have before you call our toll free number for assistance.

Basically the business incorporation process in Florida State is:

1. Visit our online incorporation form which, once completed starts the incorporation process.

2. Choose a name for your new corporation. The process of finding a name that does not conflict with other names is simplified by available online searches. Your name must be unique and not too similar to another company already incorporated in Florida.

3. Choose a type of incorporation. LLC? Subchapter S? General For Profit Corporation? Non-Profit Corporation? You can choose any of these using our online incorporation form.

4. Choose officers in the corporation and a registered agent.

5. Pay the fee through PayPal’s secure process. Once you finish the online form and hit “Send Now” you are taken to PayPal’s secure site to finish the order.

That’s basically it! The incorporation process need not be more difficult than that. The benefits you enjoy while incorporated are numerous and far reaching.

Perhaps my favorite benefit is that the corporation does not get personally taxed on income. You can leave money in the corporate account for years and it does not get taxed. You are taxed only when you pay yourself a salary from the corporation. The way it’s set up is that you are an employee of the corporation you created.

The incorporation process needn’t be feared or loathed. It’s there for your benefit and this simple legal act can have immeasurable benefits… not least of which is peace of mind as your Florida State business operates over the years.