Florida State Division of Corporations appears to believe so… they provide their online service for anyone that’s savvy enough to make their way through the maze of information and get it done. It’s no secret why there are scores of incorporation sites that have sprung up over the years… Florida state does not make it easy to figure out what to do!

That was the impetus behind this site (www.florida-incorporation.com). We wanted to take the mystery out of the incorporation process to help the average “joe” or “Jessica” get through it without crying crocodile tears or throwing the monitor across the room.

Are lawyers necessary for incorporating your business? Or, are they overkill for a rather simple process like incorporation? We’ve had 3,000 companies incorporate with us over a decade and nobody has written to us to tell us they wish they’d have used a Florida lawyer instead. Why is that?

Really, because in our opinion they’re not necessary. They’re far too expensive from the prices we’ve seen.

Recently we’ve added another way to help you incorporate your FL LLC, Profit, Profit Subchapter S, or Non-Profit company on our incorporation form. You can chat in real time with us and ask any questions you might have before you go ahead and submit your form. It’s free. It’s even more simple than it ever was…

This was an interesting article about using a lawyer to incorporate your business. If you think you need a Florida lawyer for incorporation – read this

– Vern L.