LLC Comparison (Legalzoom Vs. Florida-Incorporation.com)

We showed you in a previous article why we’re a much better choice for processing your Profit, Non-Profit and Subchapter S corporations in the state of Florida than is Legalzoom. We took comparison data from legalzoom.com on 10/15/2008.

Here we’ll go over an LLC formation with Legalzoom versus Florida-Incorporation.com.

Form an LLC with Legalzoom same business day? – Not possible.

Form an LLC with Legalzoom in 5 business days? Maybe possible but the way they state it, processing takes 8-10 days (or less, they say) to form your LLC with legalzoom and that is the RUSH service.

You must pay $359 + Florida State fee to get what they call this “RUSH” service!

Contrast that with our same day processing for our regular $265 TOTAL LLC fee, including the state of FL fee.

If you want to form an LLC with Legalzoom and you want to have them help you acquire your EIN you cannot get that service for less than $359 + FL state fee.

Contrast that with our pricing…

We INCLUDE same day processing and help getting your tax ID number (EIN) for free. Same price. $265.

Legalzoom has created a mammoth company based on a huge advertising budget that seems designed to milk the most money out of new companies incorporating online.

Could Legalzoom have included the most asked for services like EIN and Subchapter S help in their most basic package or at a nominal add-on fee of $10 each or something else reasonable?

Sure. If we do it for free – they could have done it for $10, each service right?

But they didn’t. That’s not going to make them the most money. Instead Legalzoom packaged the 2 most asked for, and most basic services that new companies will require at their highest level package. These two services just aren’t advertised on legalzoom.com as available in the basic $139 + State fee package. So, unless you’re paying the premium package rate which includes a whole lot of things that you may never need for your business you’re not going to get the essentials like EIN and Sub S help.

But for a big company really is looking after profits, it’s all about the upsell, right?

We’ve been helping new Florida businesses incorporate for almost a decade now – and we’ve had the same pricing during this entire time. We really have enjoyed serving our customers over the years.

If you want to incorporate and don’t want all the fluff that a $100 million dollar company can add to a simple incorporation then incorporate with us here today.

If you’re curious what you can get with legalzoom for $450+ dollars go have a look. After all the upsell and you finally get to the payment page you’ll understand why we’re the better choice. The obvious better choice.

We’ve helped over 10,000 companies incorporate in Florida over the last decade. We know what we’re doing. File with us – you’ll be happy you did. We’ll be happy you did.