Return Policy

Corporation Division of Florida Policy on Returns

This is from Florida State. We use the information from the form you submit here online to transfer to FL State. The state office does not refund money and does not allow cancellations of an incorporation order once transmitted. Please read the details…

Data inserted by the filer onto the “Filing Information” screens will be reviewed for compliance with Florida statutory requirements. If all statutory requirements are met for the entity type in question, the data will then be submitted to create Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Organization, or a Certificate of Limited Partnership.

There is no immediate written confirmation of Florida incorporation filing success. No response will be sent back by fax or email confirming that a document has been “received”. A certified copy of filed documents will be sent via email if one is ordered and paid for at the time of filing. Typically, an image of the filed incorporation document will be available for viewing on the Florida State Web site the day after the filing has been completed.

It is very important to make sure all data entered is correct for the corporation before submitting the data for filing. Once a document is submitted to the Florida Division of Corporations, it cannot be changed or altered by that office or the remitter. No phone calls can be made to the filing section to ask for changes or to request that a document be flagged to “not file the incorporation”. Pursuant to applicable Florida Statutes, corporations and limited liability companies may submit (with an additional fee, and within 30 business days of filing) Articles of Correction to correct a filed incorporation document. Corrections and/or changes to a filed document may also be made by filing an amendment – refer to pertinent Florida Statutes for details.

For the purpose of filing documents on-line, the “typed” name of the individual “signing” the document is sufficient under s.15.16, Florida Statutes. Electronic signatures have the same legal effect as original signatures when incorporating online. Please be aware that typing in someone’s name/signature without their permission constitutes forgery.

Once the Florida Incorporation document is received, it is reviewed for statutory compliance. If the document must be rejected, a letter stating the deficiencies will be emailed back to the remitter for correction. To make corrections, the filer will gain access from our web site to the original data submitted by using the “confirmation number” and the “pin number” supplied in the reject letter. The user can then “enter” the correct data and resubmit the document at no additional fee.

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