If you’re thinking about starting a Florida LLC (Limited Liability Company) you can use this page as a one-stop resource to find out all you need. We provide a link at the bottom of this page where you can visit the Florida LLC order form.


Types of More info: Types of Florida Incorporation (LLC section) >

LLC Overview > Find out many crucial bits of info about the Florida LLC including advantages and disadvantages of incorporating as a FL LLC.

LLC Forms Library – you can download these FL LLC forms by following the instructions below.

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LLC Amendment
Articles of correction
Articles of Organization
FL Certificate of LLC Merger
Change LLC Registered Agent
Convert FL LLC to other Entity
Covert LLC to Profit Corp
Convert other Entity to Florida LLC
LLC Annual Report
Florida LLC Dissolution form
Florida LLC Reinstatement form
LLC Reinstatement preprinted form
Resignation of Florida Registered LLC Agent
Resignation of member or Managing Member of LLC

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