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If you’ve researched starting your business in Florida – incorporating it legally you’ve probably stumbled across “www.Sunbiz.org“. This is the official Florida State website that is geared toward incorporation of all sorts in the sunshine state.

Sunbiz was created, and is managed by government officials. That said, their Sunbiz.org website reflects it. Once you figure everything out… where you’re supposed to go and what you’re supposed to do you have likely spent 20 or more hours turning in circles. Sunbiz isn’t very helpful for taking entrepreneurs through the incorporation cycle. Apparently it’s a similar state of affairs in the other 49 states as there have sprung up many online incorporation websites to help companies get incorporated without the official state sites like Sunbiz.org.

In 2000 I created this web site because I went through the Florida Sunbiz process online and I was bewildered. I didn’t know what I was doing, I didn’t want to contact a Florida attorney and pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to incorporate. I just wanted to do it on my own. Maybe like you?

I thought I had the SUNBIZ site figured out and I filled out my incorporation form online and sent it in. You can do the same – there’s no secret about where the official incorporation office exists in Florida – it’s at Sun Biz. In approximately a month I was contacted by Florida State Department of Corporations with the news that I had screwed up in a couple places. One change would cost another $50 to fix. Another would take weeks they said. It took months. I was in incorporation limbo for over 2 months.

I created this site to make it easier than www.Sunbiz.org to incorporate your new Florida business. In 2001, I sold the site to Dean Harrington who has provided great service to over 10,000 customers since then. Dean is a real quality person and I was happy to see the site go to his capable hands.

Recently Dean and I revised this site to answer even more of the common questions incorporators have before they file in Florida. Of course it’s impossible to answer every question about incorporation that exists – but we tried!

If you use this site to incorporate your business you’ll find it much easier to understand that the official Florida Sunbiz Corporation site. You’ll find the quick response to your questions and problems to be comforting. When you compare Florida-Incorporation.com to other sites offering similar services you’ll find it fairly priced well below most companies.

If we can answer any questions before you get started – let us know!

Almost forgot – there is a monthly chance to win a free drawing in which we’ll reimburse the lucky winner with the basic cost of their incorporation that month.

Toll free help: 1-888-905-7380

If you have any questions or concerns regarding incorporating online, your privacy, or personal information please contact Dean Harrington at:

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